Monday, February 27, 2012

2am kitchen tour

This past weekend was a great one, but I do have a true confession to make. I did something I haven't done in a long time. Take a deep breath as I continue.

After a particularly fun night out, I got home and promptly got into bed, but drunkenly realized I was hungry. I emerged from a state of half-sleep and turned into a Pac Man, eating everything in my path. The problem was that everything on hand wasn't exactly health food. After polishing off most of a frozen pizza (Amy's new vegan pizza was pretty awesome, I can sort of remember), I dug into almonds, chips, then a box of Saltine's when realized I'd hit a new low: eating food that is normally reserved for those that are too sick to keep anything other than crackers and ginger ale down. I promptly put the Saltine's down and marched straight to bed, though I found some leftover Valentine's candy on my way and chewed through that obstacle as well.

Lesson #51: keep healthy foods around, even if you're not expecting to eat at home. The worst feeling is being hungry and desperate enough to eat Saltines at 2 in the morning because nothing is open and you can't possibly wait for food delivery. Living in the city with everything has led to a false confidence that I don't really need to keep fresh food in my apartment, but in moments of drunken distress, I would've woken up much happier had my inner Hunger Games heroine snacked on pineapple instead of pizza.

Dammit...writing that caused me to also remember that I also polished off a container of dried pineapple on Saturday night. The good news is that I ate pretty much all of the junk food in my apartment in one fell swoop.


  1. I love this pupps! Hope you are indulging and enjoying lots of unhealthy pretzels and other German goodness. In a month (!!!!) when we have our place we will have a junk food embargo...or at least 2am healthy vegan delivery numbers promptly on hand. Muah!!!