Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(I can get some) Satisfaction

Here is a short list of things that I find ridiculously satisfying:

- changing from tight pants into a loose skirt, especially if it's hot out
- finishing chapsticks, big boxes of cereal, anything that seems too large to finish at first
- finding new bones in my body that crack
- getting out of New York
- ....returning to it

Lesson #54: "there" is never better than "here," meaning I'm learning to love whereever I am more than where I could be. Mainly, for the simple reason that I'm here, not there, and as long as I remain present, where better could I be?

Honestly, I feel so lucky to both live in the greatest city in the world (validated by yours truly) and also for the ability to travel to so many other great spots. It does induce a tendency to open the travel bug flood gates and think about all the other wonderful places to see, but as long as I remember that "here" is always the right spot for me, a little dreaming is a-ok.

Santa Monica, CA

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