Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birds of paradise

I've wanted to have a pet bird for a while. Before moving to NYC, I seriously considered adopting one and teaching it to talk/keep me company after getting back from work. I could just bring it with me to my new home, right? Sadly, I came to the realization that even getting a bird is a commitment I wasn't yet ready to make.

Three years later, I'm still sure I made the right choice. But why the hell didn't I buy these bird decals for my wall earlier?!

(updated view, courtesy of Sean and Hurricane Sandy's loss of power)

Lesson #57: you can have it all, even if it's a fake version of it. I don't have 5 birds as pets, but I am reminded daily of how awesome they are on my wall, but without the constantly chirping/screeching reminders. If you can't commit to having a pet, I feel your pain, but don't let it stop you from pretending.

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  1. Spooky Sandy photo. It was really dark. I am thinking about getting a sweet winged pet!