Wednesday, February 13, 2013

kickin' habits

Given today is Lent, and the new year started just a few weeks ago (okay, 6 to be exact), I'm thinking a lot about habits and the ones that I'd like to add to my life, as well as those I could probably do without.

Two years ago for Lent I gave up nail biting, and I'm still going strong today. I may not have the most manicured hands in town, but I'm proud to have a little white on the ends. I feel good every time I polish them, remembering how many years and times I thought I was a nail biter for life. I have also mostly stopped touching my mouth and lips when nervous, and both of these habits being broken has resulted in an unexpected side effect: getting sick less frequently. The flu shot and getting more obsessive about hand sanitizer has also helped.

This year, I want to add something. I will meditate daily and try to remove stressors from my life. Starting with Lent, 40 days, but hopefully continuing.

You know what's a big stressor to me, but one that I haven't been able to break? Running late. So so often. It doesn't always bother me, but when it does, it can feel soul crushing and anxiety provoking to say the least. But I learned a small trick to help with at least the traveling part of it, thanks to @seancarlson.

Lesson #59: The worst thing about running late and trying to catch a train is to have insufficient funds on your metro card. You hear the train swooshing past as you curse yourself for your lack of foresight, walk out of line and then defeatedly over to the card kiosk to add funds (hopefully using hand sanitizer afterwards, because even though you missed the train, you don't want to ruin your next week getting ill). What's the alternative? Refilling your metro card as you leave the train station, once you've already gotten to your destination. Even if you're in a rush, it is so much easier to refill your card (when low) as you exit the station than it is as you enter.

The nice thing about this tip is that it takes exactly the same amount of time and requires just a second of proactive thinking to potentially save you a few minutes (as well as stress).

Oh, and happy new year!

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  1. Great to hear about the meditation. Good luck. I have a feeling it will be a life long practice for You!!