Monday, October 5, 2009

Living with Cats...from a decidedly non-cat person

Milk is a bad choice. So is living with cats.

As of a week ago, the only pets I had was a bird and a few rabbits (which I realize is slightly odd, but just wait). When I found a great sublet, though, I reasoned with myself that living with 2 cats couldn't be so bad.

I slept with one eye open my first night, after getting treated to multiple hisses from my feline friends (I use that term far too loosely). Honestly, there were times I wanted to do terrible things to these cats, and I've found myself questioning how anyone could live with these things. I've also questioned whether or not I could be friends with anyone that lives with cats (the answer is a begrudging yes). Which brings me to my second lesson:

Lesson #2 to remember when moving to a city (or anywhere, really): If you aren't a cat (or dog, or fish, or rat) person, don't live in a place with said animal(s).

I met a girl today that retold a college horror story: one of her roommates had a rat as a pet. Not only did she have a rat, but this rat had baby rats as well that lived under her bed. Now, I'm an open minded individual but there are just certain things you should NOT, under any circumstances, subject your roommates to. Let's just say there are many things I'd prefer finding under a bed than a pile of swarming baby rats.

And that, my friends, is why the idea of finding an apartment/roommates via Craigslist is terrifying. If I can find a place without cats/rats, I'll be set.

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