Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'll Sleep when I'm Dead....or live in a less exciting place

Lesson #4 in moving to NYC: You need less sleep than you think. Stop being such a baby! I felt so out of it the first few days here without my plushy 8-9 hours, but quickly learned that, like the pyramid food guide, the general rule of thumb for sleep is not exactly accurate.

Sure, I'm more on my game when I get lots of sleep, but who has time for it? There are simply too many other great things to do here in Gotham city. Maybe I'll regret this thinking later on, but for now, I've found that amping up the caffeine and just not complaining about lack of sleep makes life, well, more livable.

Though I will note that things in this city happen so much later than anywhere I've been. Rolling into work at 9:30am is not only common, it's pretty much expected. Generally, the hours are also much longer here, therefore working late is also fairly requisite.

Full disclosure: I love nothing more than a delicious, lazy nap, especially if it includes lucid fact, sometimes I fantasize about getting more sleep. So basically this post is to help me just deal with the dilemma of needing more sleep than I can allow myself. Yawn (this is making me sleepy).

Also, on a totally unrelated note (though I suppose both yoga and drinking are common here), this site is kind of great.

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