Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When in Rome..

New Yorkers are slow walkers.

I know you're expecting a '....NOT!' a la Borat, but just wait. I will clarify - New Yorkers are insanely fast walkers, except apparently when there's a snow storm. I've never seen such caution in the steps of the masses as I did over the weekend, when the snow hit the fan. Even big city dwellers slow down when confronted with a blizzard, and with good reason.

Lesson #13: Always walk quickly, or stay to the right, unless there's a snow storm. When there is such a storm, you have full right to takes steps slowly, gingerly, and maybe appreciate a sight or two. You won't even feel touristy, since everyone will be looking up at the snow, the buildings, the night sky. So take full advantage of this time to let your inner tourist out! Honestly, I've never seen NYers so happy as I did during the snow fall. A few were even smiling, unabashedly!

This picture is from the Times Square snow fight that broke out. No, I was not there because I tend to avoid the area, but I think it looks breath-taking.


  1. There's also more at stake when walking in snowy conditions as a lot of New Yorkers are very image conscious, and would would hate to slip, fall, and be laughed at and judged by everybody for foolishly walking too fast.

    Throwing snowballs at tourists, though! Why didn't I foresee this snowball fight going down?!? Darn it!

  2. Really cool picture of Times Square. I like Ryan's comment about image conscious New Yorkers.