Friday, November 13, 2009

20something in a Candy Store

Though I recently wrote a post about not needing less sleep than one thinks (which I still consider to be true, as does this guy), I also am realizing that it's okay, and good, to take a break from the city madness. Maybe this is my small town roots pulling me down to earth, but I seriously wonder at times how people stay sane here without actively pursuing sanity.

I honestly feel like I'm in a gigantic candy store at times, full of delicious vegan goodies.

(side note: I know some claim that Vegas is an adult playground, but I disagree - New York is much more so. Playgrounds are full of more than tourists, strippers, and drunk college students (at least where I'm from.). Playgrounds have kids from diverse backgrounds, and they aren't always such a fun place. Instead of drinking, lots of kids are on ADHD meds, and I think many New Yorkers should be (though they probably drink a lot too. Oh well). Kids can be cruel, and so can adults. But playgrounds are also a place where you're on the fast track to learning who you are. That, and let's be honest - men still flirt in many of the same ways they did at 7 years old.)

Most nights, I don't get home until fairly late... almost as if I'd feel guilty to just have a simple, relaxing evening. Well, it's safe to say that the city will go on without any individual and will provide ample opportunities to indulge one's passions another day. Besides, it's pretty tough to really enjoy life/the city/yourself if you're too busy to recognize or appreciat it.

Lesson #7: You don't need to figure out everything at once, or even soon after moving. Allow yourself some precious "me" ("you," to me) time every now and then. Of course, this goes for just about everyone, everywhere, but it's easy to get caught up in the constant activities - my hedonistic self just wants to take advantage of what the city has to offer. Therefore, it becomes easy to forget life's simple pleasures - one of those being the blissful times of doing nothing. Or reading for pleasure. Or actually catching up on sleep now and then (I never claimed to be consistent.)