Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a Modern Day Belle

(FYI, I mean the Disney Belle, not a southern belle.)

I realize that I sometimes walk around carrying a book. Okay, not just carrying...actually reading a book. I also realize that having my nose in a book isn't a smart idea, but sometimes I just.can't.stop.READING a page (or few). I recall doing this a lot in Ann Arbor, but I didn't really need to worry about getting lost or running into rude New Yorkers. For some reason the fact that it's probably the nerdiest thing one could do has never bothered me.

Another kind of bad habit I've fallen prey to is never having a fully charged cell phone. Because what I've noticed is that it tends to die at the most important times. Like when I'm trying to meet a friend (which was the case tonight) or when walking home at 3am, at which point it'd be good to have the "phone a friend" lifeline (wow, a 'who wants to be a millionaire' reference? o rly?).

Lesson #9 in moving to a big city: Always have a fully charged cell phone on you. Or walkie talkie. Or laptop, if you must. Just make sure if you need to be in contact with someone, or need to pull up a map, need to know the closest pizza place, etc, you can figure it out. You won't have to ask randoms on the street or rely on your gut instinct (which is wrong a noticeable amount of the time). While I love feeling disconnected from technology at times (funny, I know, that I'm writing that in a blog.), it's probably best to at least have access to it when necessary.

But then again, people survived for generations without cell phones. Though also didn't have libraries, CNN, diet Coke, and other necessities.

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  1. Keep that cell phone charged and call me often.