Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moving on

I literally brought 2 suitcases with me when I moved, and still haven't brought the majority of my belongings...

So here I sit, surrounded by a moat belongings in my parent's home. I'm sorting what I need to bring back to the city, what I'm giving to goodwill, what I'm bringing to my brother's for storage, and which items of clothing will also double for a noose in case moving really gets to me. (Okay, I probably shouldn't make suicide jokes here - I'm using a little poetic license. Plus, aren't most writers a tad suicidal anyway? Just pretending to fit that mold).

Lesson #10: Moving should resemble removing a band aid if at all possible - do it as quickly, and seamlessly, as possible. In particular, I mean moving one's belongings. I have drawn this process out over literally a few months, and it's been more painful than it should be. My advice would be to just take care of it all at once - just hire movers, storage space if necessary, and so on.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, though, I'm just happy that I have family and friends to help with the enormous amount of work that moving entails! Honestly, I would be utterly lost without my mom's insane knowledge of storage, moving, etc. Plus she made me a blanket with old t-shirts from age 4 to 24 (favorite shirt being the "We Love Recycling - 1989," my parent must have known that I would be a tree hugger). It's great. Plus it got rid of like 30 t-shirts that I would have to otherwise sort through and store, so it's also been the saving grace of my sanity.


  1. Another A+ lesson. I fear that packing/moving is a conundrum that I may never have the resolve to resolve unfortunately. I think that it's the daunting idea of packing one's life in boxes and schlepping it that doesn't seem to lend itself to expediency and overwhelms people like myself who drag their feet in getting it done. Don't feel too bad though, if you were to count the dvds that I have yet to get from my parents, it has taken me 14 months and counting to move completely...

  2. Enjoyed your comments about your very helpful Mom:)